Poor Girl Gourmet Cookbook

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January 18, 2013

We love what this cookbook does for our taste buds and our wallets.


It’s rare that you see the words poor and gourmet together; however, blogger and author of Poor Girl Gourmet Amy McCoy manages to wrangle these two words into a practical cookbook for the girl with a tight budget and lavish taste buds.

Amy McCoyAs a lover of food and former student at Boston University where she earned a certificate in cheese studies, Amy McCoy decided to make gourmet food available to any home-cook regardless of budget.  Her cookbook focuses on keeping the menu choices under $15. We were shocked to see that items other than pasta made this list such as her Roasted Chicken Legs with Olives, which combines readily available chicken legs with good-quality olives to complete this Italian dish.

This relatable and hilariously written cookbook is laid out by type of dish with each recipe complete PoorGirlGourmetCoverwith a cost breakdown including the price of each ingredient at full price; however, she urges readers to buy meat on sale to further cut cost and allow space in the budget for dessert like her Expresso Granita with comes in at just $1.57 using leftover coffee.

The back of her cookbook includes menu suggestions coming in at under $15—that’s an entrée and side dishes for under $15 for a meal for four! For special occasions, she includes menu suggestions for “splurge” evenings, yet these splurges still come in under $30, significantly less than you would spend at a restaurant. She even tries to curb your cravings for take-out by including recipes inspired by her favorite take-out items such as this Ginger-Soy Sirloin Tip Stir-Fry:

Poor Girl ginger soy sirloin tip stir-fry with mushrooms

If you’re looking for delicious food on a poor girl’s budget, this cookbook is it.

You can find more of Amy at her blog Poor Girl Gourmet.

– By Alexandra Rose

Poor Girl Roasted Chicken legs with olives

Roasted Chicken Legs with Olives

A budget-conscious Italian inspired chicken dish with roasted olives--yum!

Poor Girl ginger soy sirloin tip stir-fry with mushrooms

Ginger Soy Sirloin Tip Stir-Fry with Mushrooms

Author of cookbook Poor Girl Gourmet, Amy McCoy's budget friendly alternative to take out

poor girl espresso granita

Espresso Granita

Author of Poor Girl Gourmet, Amy McCoy's recipe for granita using leftover coffee.


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