Nonna's Birthday Surprise

For Moms
on March 25, 2013

Lidia Bastianich is a renowned chef and host of the famous cooking show Lidia’s Italy. She is also a best-selling author and chef/owner of half a dozen restaurants. But maybe more than that Lidia is  “nonna,” or grandmother to 5 grandchildren. In her newest book, Nonna’s Birthday Surprise, Lidia shares the joy of food and cooking with the grandchildren, culminating in a birthday dinner for her mother, Nonna Mima. Along the way Lidia shares memories of growing up in Istria, and the central role food played in her life.

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The book contains adorable illustrations by Renée Graef and eighteen recipes, which emphasize fresh seasonal ingredients. Nonna’s surprise  is Pasta Primavera, that can be put together with a variety of vegetables.  Each recipe  contains a “Kids Can” section, which lays out tasks for the kids,  such as measure out ingredients and pick parsley leaves for chopping.

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Sharing simple, joyful meals with loved ones–also growing, harvesting, and preparing the foods we ate. Our lives were in sync with the rhythms of nature–the land, plants, animals and seasons. We knew where our food came from and respected is, using everything and wasting nothing.–Lidia Bastianich

–By Alexandra Rose


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