New Year’s Party with Mad Men Style

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December 26, 2011

Send the old year off in style with a party that would Don Draper proud—complete with Mad Men-era cocktails and swinging from the proverbial ceiling.


Navigating a smoke-filled room bustling with sharp suits, strong cocktails and questionable intentions is all in a day’s work for the characters on Mad Men. And what more could you ask for in a New Year's Eve party? Here are a few authentically retro party tips from The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook to help you ring the new year in with all the chic, suave and swank of a Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce party:

A punch bowl version of New York’s famed Stork Club (pictured below) Cocktail will be a well-received classic. Simply pour gin over a block of ice then add dashes of lime juice, triple sec, angostura bitters and fresh orange juice to taste. For another New Year's frequent-sipper served at the Stork Club back in Peggy Olson's day, click on the image above.
Finger foods and easy bites are New Year's party essentials, especially when having to balance a martini and carry on a conversation. In the 1960s hors d'oeuvres’ crowning jewel was the canapé—a miniature toast topped with anything from caviar to lobster to cheddar cheese. We love the idea of a canapé filled buffet featuring other kitschy retro dishes such as cheeseballs, eggrolls and sour cream-based dips. For a New Year's nosh Betty Draper would proudly serve, click on the image.
—By Emily Arno

21 Club Bloody Mary

Mary has never looked this good. A homemade tomato juice mix with dashes of Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce brings the bar classic to life.


Shrimp Curry Butter Canapes

These small toasts topped with spices and shrimp may have been developed in the 1960s, but their appetizer appeal continues to carry on to this day.



These little cheesy puff pastries disappear fast, so keep the recipe readily accessible.

Artichoke Spinach Dip

This creamy dip can be easily altered more spicy or sour depending on your taste.


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