Low Fat Cookie Recipes

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March 3, 2012

Trim up your favorite cookie recipes with our tips for creating lower fat (but supremely sweet) cookies.

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If you are raising a brood of persuasive little cookie monsters, “cookie time” can swiftly shift from afterschool to 24/7. Being crazed cookie lovers ourselves, we are in full support of baking sweet batches—but we also believe moderation and quality cookie ingredients are important for keeping our monsters healthy and happy. Make healthier treats without sacrificing taste with the following tips and low fat recipes:
Be Smart with Butter: Although fat is usually pegged as a bad guy, it’s essential for giving cookies shape and creating softness in baking. To cut down on your fat content, try replacing small amounts of butter (no more than half of what is listed in the recipe) with equal parts applesauce, pureed fruit or yogurt. The texture will likely be chewier and denser, but we think just as satisfying.
Whole Wheat Goodness: We love the idea of using whole-wheat flour in recipes calling for all-purpose. Not only does whole-wheat flour have wonderful health benefits, but it also boasts an interestingly grainy and almost nutty taste. Because the flour is comparatively denser than all-purpose, we suggest substituting it for half of your chosen recipe’s flour content. To cut down on density, incorporate more air by sifting the flour before mixing.
—By Emily Arno
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