Latin-Style Steak

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May 30, 2013

Dress up your grilled steaks with these Latin-American sauces and flavors.

Perfect Rub for Churrasco
Mark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn

Summertime in South and Central America is the time for churrasco (shoo-HAAS-koh). This highly seasoned grilled meat, first made by Brazilian gauchos in the 15th century, is now popular throughout the region. The most famous churrascos hail from Brazil, where thick and abundantly marbled steaks called picanha are served directly from giant spits.

Cuts of beef for churrasco vary, as do the myriad toppings that transform simple steaks into unforgettable meals. Argentina’s bife de chorizo (boneless, thick, sirloin strip steaks) are dressed with a vibrant parsley sauce called chimichurri. In Guatemala, thick lomito filets cut from the tenderloin are draped in a roasted tomato sauce called chirmol. In Nicaragua, the tenderloin is cut thinly, jelly-roll style, basted with chimichurri, and served with fried plantains and with a rice and bean mélange called gallo pinto. Give your steaks new life this season with these zesty flavors.

By Sandra Gutierrez, a food writer in Cary, N.C.



Perfect Rub for Churrasco

Flavor is all in the rub, and this version packs a healthy dose of spices without heat.


Cilantro Chimichurri

Chimichurri, a Central-American version of pesto adds fresh and zippy flavor to grilled steak or chicken.

Avocado Mango Relish

Avocado Mango Relish

A rich, sweet fresh salsa combines avocado and mango.



A roasted tomato sauce for steak, pork, or chicken.


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