Homemade Pizza Night Recipes

on November 4, 2014

What’s better than delivery? Here’s a hint—not Digiorno. Homemade pizza dough is easy to make and sports a bare-bones ingredient list: flour, yeast, sugar, flour, olive oil and salt. Check out our choice recipe for dough, plus a list of creative sauce and topping combinations to get your wheels spinning.

Pizza Dough Recipe

This dough works perfectly on the grill or oven with any of the recipes that follow.

Pizza Toppings

Kentucky Hot Brown Pizza

Mushroom Pizza


Buffalo Mozzarella and Cherry Tomato Pizza

John von Pamer

Pomegranate, Thyme and Goat-Cheese Pizza

Grilled Vegetable and Sausage Pizza


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  • Nadja Croft

    I have just made a pizza using fresh bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Is there a way to eliminate the excess liquid, I presume that comes from the veggies, on the pizza?

    • Old Unc

      None of the vegetables mentioned should create a moisture problem; I’m something of a fanatic on the subject, and usually put pepper pieces skin down, but it doesn’t really matter much. The main culprit is usually tomatoes; I usually use cherry tomatoes, halved and cut side up. Wet tomato sauces are another big problem- I make a sauce that’s reduced to a paste-like consistency; if you prefer a wetter sauce, or uncooked, restraint is about all you can do.