Gourmet Salt Sources

on March 1, 2007
  • SaltWorks (www.saltworks.us) has one of the most comprehensive “libraries” of salt available. The mail-order source boasts salts from every corner of the globe, including a dark, blood-red Hawaiian salt, fluffy pink Australian salt, Portuguese Flor de Sal, Cyprus flake and Balinese salts in natural and cinnamon smoked varieties.
  • HimalaSalt (www.himalasalt.com) offers a line of pure, flavorful sea salts via free trade “ethical sourcing” in sustainable packaging.
  • Didi Davis Food (www.dididavisfood.com) offers salts and salt blends, including Sagemary Salt, Vanilla Salt, Fennel Thyme Salt and Smoked Paprika Salt. The website also offers salt vessels and gift assortments.
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