Gifts from the Kitchen: 100 Irresistible Homemade Presents for Every Occasion

September 9, 2011

Gift giving just got a whole lot sweeter! From panforte to strawberry preserves, Annie Rigg's lovely new cookbook is all about stellar kitchen-made gifts.

Catherine Gratwicke

When you make a homemade gift, it shows your eager receiver that you spent something way more valuable than money to make his or her day special – your time. Annie Rigg, author of stunning cookbook and gift giving guide Gifts from the Kitchen: 100 Irresistible Homemade Presents for Every Occasion, brings presents into the foodie realm by teaching readers to spread their love and appreciation through sweet preserves, salty caramels and oogey gooey cookies.

Being an experienced food stylist, Rigg knows how to make her comforting creations look as good as they taste. And thankfully she shares this knowledge as the majority of her recipes are accompanied by gift-wrapped illustrations – ribbon tied jars of apple and mint jelly, and a container of pesto wrapped delicately in a reused egg carton are just some highlights.

The delightfully pink book has seasonal chapters, and a final section dedicated solely to holidays and celebrations. From Chinese New Year to Christmas, Rigg certainly has a recipe for every occasion. We specifically love her chunky panforte for Christmas, Raspberry Lemon and Almond Friands for Mother’s Day and sophisticated cheese sables for year round celebrating. But whatever yummy and gift-wrapped delight you decide on, one thing is certain – it is sure to be remembered long after the crumbs are gone.



Chock full of nuts, dried fruit, and spices—panforte is delicious with after-dinner coffee.


Raspberry, Lemon and Almond Friands

These little cupcakes are light as air but somehow rich at the same time. They're filled with almonds and fresh raspberries.


Cheese Sables

Buttery, crumbly, cheesy, and just a little spicy, these cheese crackers absolutely perfect with a glass of chilled white wine.


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