Fruity Reisling Wine is Perfect for Early Summer

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June 12, 2013

Irresistible peach, pear and apricot flavors shine through this wine.

Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling

If you like loads of luscious fruit in your glass, Chateau Ste. Michelle 2012 Harvest Select Sweet Riesling (Columbia Valley; $10) is for you. Don’t be put off by the “sweet” descriptor: While the wine’s thoroughly irresistible peach, pear and apricot flavors shine through, a tangy finish brings refreshment and balance.

More good news: The wine’s alcohol level is 10.5 percent, making it a good choice in warm weather (when higher-alcohol wines can really make your head spin). 

Relish wine and cocktails columnist WINI MORANVILLE guides you to the best wine and spirits for the money. She is the author of The Bonne Femme Cookbook, Simple, Splendid Food That French Women Cook Every Day.

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