10 Beautiful Fruit Salads for Summer

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on May 19, 2014
Fruit Salad Recipe
Linda Wagner

Give your bowl of fruit a boost this summer with the following recipes pulled from 10 of our favorite blogs. Not only do these fruit salads look decadent, but they also offer more nutrients than most with ingredients like ginger, chia seeds and even almond milk.

My New Roots

Chakra Fruit Salad Recipe

Sarah Britton

The healing-inspired Chakra Fruit Salad with Enlightened Tahini Sauce was part of Sarah Britton’s project to use all of the colors of the chakras, energy centers in the body, for her Reiki class. My New Roots lists the name of each color and chakra next to the ingredient. We need to brush up on our chakra knowledge, but a salad with seven different fruits…err chakras…sounds delicious!

With Food + Love

Blackberry and Mango Fruit Salad Recipe

With Food + Love

The Blackberry + Mango Lemon Poppy Seed Fruit Salad with Earl Grey Whipped Coconut Cream from With Food + Love is a tropical treat bursting with unique flavors. The longer this one is left to sit and marinate, the better it will taste.

The Fig Tree

Mojito Fruit Salad Recipe

Courtney Jones

The lime and mint in this Mojito Fruit Salad from The Fig Tree give just the right amount of kick to this otherwise sweet salad. Just like the tasty summer drink after which it’s named, we think this salad will be perfect poolside.

Tales of a Kitchen

Spiced Up Fruit Salad Recipe

Tales of a Kitchen

If you are looking for an extra kick in your fruit salad, then you’ll love this sweet and spicy Fresh Spiced Up Fruit Salad from Tales of a Kitchen. The poppy, sesame and chia seeds on top also make the mix nice and nutritious. Plus, it’s a salad that looks like a margarita—so count us in.

Apt. 2B Baking Co.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Salad Recipe

Yossy Arefi

The Almond Ice Milk with Strawberry and Rhubard Salad from Apt. 2B Baking Co. varies from a traditional fruit salad, but the pairing of tart fruits with iced almond milk is perfect for cooling off from the summer heat.

Linda Wagner

Fruit Salad Recipe

Linda Wagner

Show your American pride with this patriotic Sugar Free Macerated Fruit Salad from Linda Wagner. Whether you make this one for Memorial Day, Fourth of July or for an afternoon snack, this salad is sure to please with its refreshing mint and honeydew.

Desserts for Breakfast

Thyme for Watermelon + Strawberries Recipe

Desserts for Breakfast

Desserts for Breakfast’s Thyme for Watermelon + Strawberries fruit salad is so light and refreshing that it closely resembles another summer favorite—shaved ice. Though, the sweet and tangy flavors here will convince you to skip the sugary doppelganger altogether this year.

The First Mess

Balsamic Melon Salad Recipe

The First Mess

While this First Mess recipe may be called A Simple Balsamic Melon Salad, the flavors are far from simple thanks to the addition of sharp balsamic and fragrant mint. Not to mention, the beautiful pink and green color is a major selling point.

I Am A Food Blog

Watermelon Burrata Salad Recipe

Stephanie Le

We’ve all seen the tasty combination of watermelon and feta before, but Stephanie Le from I Am A Food Blog expands on the simple dish with her Watermelon Burrata Salad studded with ripe blueberries.

Jeanette’s Healthy Living

Heirloom Tomato Fruit Salad Recipe

Jeanette’s Healthy Living

Just because you are making a fruit salad doesn’t mean a few vegetables can’t be thrown into the mix. Jeanette’s Healthy Living’s Juicy Summer Heirloom Tomato Fruit Salad brightens up the standard fruit salad combo with heirloom tomatoes and honey goat cheese.


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