Fried Rice Made Easy

Cooking How-To, Dinner
on October 26, 2012

Easy, versatile fried rice makes a perfect meal during the holidays. After you’ve had your fill of dressing and gravy, the Asian flavors of ginger, sesame and soy sauce are more than welcome. And if you have an overload of leftover Thanksgiving turkey, you can shred it and add it to the rice. This recipe is the best fried rice we’ve ever had. The crispy fragrant rice, combined with the creamy, runny egg yolk, is amazing.

Step-by-step to great fried rice:

1. Always use really dry rice. Day-old rice is best. If your rice is wet, spread it on a cookie sheet and dry it in a 250F oven or toast in the wok over low heat.

2. Fry ginger in the wok for a crispy topping. Make the fried rice in the same oil.

3. Fry eggs in a skillet.

4. Place eggs on top of rice, and sprinkle with tomato and green onions. Drizzle with sesame oil for flavor.