Fresh Strawberry Granita

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May 1, 2012

Need a warm weather cool down? Make a simple granita kids will love with just a few ingredients.


My kids are always getting in some kind of "scrape." Particularly Sam, my son. But here's a scrape I like–strawberry granita. It's a perfect use for strawberries that are just a bit "over-the-hill" and don't look so pretty. They're pureed up with a simple syrup ( sugar and water cooked so the sugar dissolves), and fresh lime juice. (If you're making it for adults add a splash of dry red wine.)The mixture is frozen until hard, then scraped with a fork to a wonderful icey treat. The kids can take the caps off the strawberries, juice the lime and scrape the granita. To the kids it's like a popsicle in a bowl. And this one is high in vitamin C and fiber from the fresh berries.

To watch a video of me and Sam making orange granita click here.


Fresh Strawberry Granita

Fresh, local strawberries are best in this granita for the best strawberry flavor.

Blueberry Granita

Blueberry Granita

Fresh blueberries sing through bright and clear in this frozen dessert.

tangerine granita

Tangerine Granita

Fresh tangerine (or orange) juice makes a refreshing icy dessert.


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