Easy Shortcakes

June 1, 2010

Short in name only, these cakes are long on flavor.

Mark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa Blackburn

What Makes Shortcakes “Short”? “Short” is a pastry term for dough with a high proportion of fat to flour. The fat coats the gluten strands in the dough and “shortens” them, producing a rich, flaky biscuit. Pat out the dough and slice it for biscuit-style shortcakes or spoon it directly onto the baking sheet for drop-style shortcakes—the choice is yours.

By Nancy Krcek Allen.


Coconut Shortcakes with Fresh Summer Fruit

A delightful combination of colorful fruit takes homemade shortcakes beyond strawberries.

pecan shortcakes

Pecan Shortcakes with Blackberries

Sweet berries and cream look beautiful on a rich, nutty shortcake.


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