Easy Recipes to Take Car Camping

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on July 1, 2013
Banana Split S'Mores
Keri Fisher

From hiking trails with a hefty backpack to going glamping (a term for the glamorous set who decide to take an upscale nature romp) the spectrum of camping is vast and wide. But this summer we’re all about car camping. Bringing along a vehicle doesn’t eliminate the charm of pitching a tent, but it does allow for campsite food that is, well, much better than your typical beans-straight-from-the-can fare. Plus you can effortlessly pack fresh produce in a large cooler without risking bruising and tote along enough paper plates and plastic utensils for an entire family—we find those perks alone priceless.

Next time you take your family (and car) camping this summer try this menu which is spectacular for dinner, dessert and breakfast while at a site overnight.

Southwestern Chicken

Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas

When you’re camping you want something hearty, yet delicious. This Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla has lots of protein to get you through a night in the woods. Filled with corn, beans, chicken and cheese, this tasty quesadilla will provide you with the strength to tackle any adventure.

Banana Split S’mores

You’ll go bananas for this dessert, literally with this fun twist on the classic s’mores treat. We don’t think you’ll protest once you try the ooey-gooey combination of chocolate, marshmallows and bananas! With only three simple steps, you’ll be making these over and over again.

Camp Beckwith Granola 

So you made it through the night and you’re looking for the perfect breakfast to get you going, and we say granola and a handful of seasonal berries or cherries is the way to go. This granola gets its namesake from the camp in Alabama where campers excitedly make it a part of their outdoor dining experience. This healthy granola is laced with hints of sweet and salty making it the ideal breakfast staple.

—By Mahala Scott

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