Vanilla Wafer Cake

June 29, 2006

Vanilla wafers make their way into a deliciously moist cake with coconut.

Coconut Crumb Cake with Vanilla Wafers
High Cotton Food Styling and Photography

The star of banana pudding and the supporting role in lemon ice box pie, vanilla wafers have now made their way into cake. Actually the recipe has been around for years, but it’s one we’ve just discovered. And it’s one we can’t get out of our system. It’s made an appearance at a mother-in-law’s birthday, a girlfriends’ get-together and a school potluck. It’s super moist, super easy and super good with a cold glass of milk.

Coconut Crumb Cake with Vanilla Wafers

Coconut Crumb Cake

Turn a box of vanilla wafers into a moist cake.


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