Christmas Cookie Party for Kids

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November 25, 2011

This Christmas, have a cookie decoration celebration just for the kids with our tinseled tips and stellar roll-out recipes.


If there is one thing kids love more than cookies, it’s Christmas. This season combine the two by throwing a decorating extravaganza that will rival Santa’s joyous North Pole preparations.

Gather your elves, set the Christmas tunes on high, and follow our tips below for an unforgettable frosting-fest:



  • Ready, Set Bake: Stick with one or two simple recipes—gingerbread and sugar cookies are classics. Make the process fun by spending quality time with your children as you roll and cut out shapes together and let them help with the measuring and mixing.

  • Frostings and Trimmings: Use ramekins to divide the buttercream before brightening each with food coloring so young ones will have just the right amounts, and mix up as many fun colors as you can. Ramekins are also great for holding all types of candies and sprinkles.


  • Set the Table Right: Spare your nice table linens the damage of a dozen icing-wild children by laying down a throwaway plastic tablecloth. Create an individual “creation station” for each child by placing a set amount of cookies on a plastic plate he or she can later take home to mom and dad. Then provide “sides” consisting of two ramekins—one with icing and the other with sprinkles. Kids will share icing colors and candies with their peers, but having enough goodies available at all times will minimize the waiting fuss.

—By Emily Arno

sugar cookies

Sugar Cookies

Pull out your favorite cookie cutters for these Christmas treats frosted with a sweet buttercream.

Gingerbread Man

Finnish Gingerbread Men (Pepparkakor)

These gingerbread cookies are on the soft side. For a crispier cookie, use all butter.


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