5 Chicken Recipes that Bring the Sexy Back

February 21, 2012

No wardrobe malfunctions here—just five fantastic chicken recipes that dress up boring weeknight dinners with a saucy, sexy twist.

Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

When your tried-and-true chicken recipes start to make dinner as predictable as the refrain from an overplayed pop song, it's time to call in the troops. Specifically, it's time for your chicken recipes to get their sexy back. And that's where these saucy little numbers come in.

A little curry and fish sauce, creamy cashews, smoky spices, funky brown miso—even lyrically light green tea…all play starring roles in these muy caliente chicken recipes. And what we love the most about them is the fact that they never phone it in—each one is simple to prepare, packed with a ton of flirty flavors and dances to its own beat.

Now that's sexy.

By Stacey Norwood, Multimedia Editor

Chicken in Chile Sauce with Cashews

Chicken in Chile Sauce with Cashews

An unusual combination of ingredients—chicken, cheese, cashews, potatoes, olives and eggs—melds into an intensely flavorful South American dish.


Braised Chicken Thighs with Tomatoes and Smoked Paprika

Meltingly tender chicken in a rich sauce of sherry, paprika and ancho chili.


Green Tea Asian Chicken

Black tea can be substituted for green tea and flank steak subbed for the chicken; but don’t use black tea with the chicken as the tea tannins will stain the chicken a dark color.

Braised Chicken and Vegetables

Braised Chicken and Vegetables

Most likely you have everything on hand you need for this easy chicken dish.


Spicy Miso Chicken Tacos

These chicken thighs are marinated and cooked in a spicy miso sauce and served on tortillas.


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