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May 23, 2012

John Besh's new book "My Family Table" hits on the importance of eating together—and eating well. Here are two of our favorite Besh recipes, Cauliflower Mac and Cheese and Asian Chicken Salad.


Chef John Besh and his wife have four rowdy boys, who bounce to life in the pages of his new book My Family Table. After Huricane Katrina, Besh worked with local hospitals cooking with kids with post-traumatic stress disorder. The idea was to use the “communal pot as a catalyst for healing.”


What he found was that by “helping kids chop and brown and stir, barriers fell and healing began.” In his new book, he takes that message to his own kids, showing the importance of cooking and eating together as a family.


Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

The best thing about this yummy, cheesy pasta and cauliflower dish is that it comes together so fast.


Asian Chicken Salad

A fresh combination of Asian flavors and crisp vegetables in this recipe by Chef John Besh.


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