Beer and Cheese Pairings

Beer and Wine, Drinks, Recipes, Special Occasions, St. Patrick's Day
on October 1, 2009
Mark Boughton

With the growing number of brews on the market, selecting beer can be just as complex as choosing a wine. Try these beer-and-cheese matches for your St. Patrick's Dat get-together.

Type of Cheese Beer to Pair Example
Emmental Bock beer Shiner Bock
Cheddar Nut brown ale Newcastle
Brie or goat cheese Crisp, floral pilsner Pilsner Urquell
Gruyère Wheat beer Hoegaarden
Kaseri or sheep's milk feta Highly carbonated wheat beer Blue Moon
Parmesan Smooth porter Michelob Porter
Mozzarella India pale ale Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Roquefort Yeasty Trappist ale Chimay Bleue
Cheeze Whiz Amber lager Samuel Adams Boston Lager
American Medium-hop pilsner Stella Artois


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