Light-as-Air Biscuits for Breakfast or Brunch

September 27, 2011

Light as air and aptly named, angel biscuits are a divine addition to breakfast and brunch menus.

Angel Biscuits
Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

A Southern mainstay at breakfast and holiday parties, angel biscuits are a cross between a biscuit and a yeast roll. It’s said that they’re easier to make than traditional biscuits and more foolproof due to the two types of leavening: baking soda and yeast. The addition of yeast also lightens up the dough, resulting in a lighter biscuit—hence the name.

Traditionally, they’re bite-sized, but if you want bigger biscuits, roll them out 1/2-inch-thick. Another tip—placing the biscuits close together on the baking sheet makes them rise more. Serve them with an eggy dish for breakfast or as a dainty party appetizer, stuffed with thinly shaved country ham and a gloss of pepper jelly.

Angel Biscuits with Buttermilk

Use this recipe and serve up perfect biscuits every time.


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