Alton Brown’s Seafood Initiative

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September 20, 2011

Celebrity Chef Alton Brown and the Tennesse Aquarium in Chattanooga join forces to protect American fish—by serving it.

Alton Brown
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“Serve & Protect” sounds like a police force slogan (and in fact it is), but it’s also the battle cry of TV Chef Alton Brown and the title of the sustainable seafood initiative he has just helped launch in collaboration with the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. As a cook, scuba diver and nature lover (he grew up watching Jacque Cousteau underwater specials), Brown is interested in protecting our oceans and their habitat.

And that doesn’t mean eliminating fish from your diet. Quite the contrary. The Serve & Protect campaign encourages us to eat fish, just the right kinds—namely those native to the USA—and a wide variety, so as to not to deplete any one kind.

Brown and the Aquarium are launching Serve & Protect with a flurry of fun, awareness-raising programs about native fish, their habitat, and the Aquarium's first annual dinner focusing on sustainable cuisine. Brown is also teaming up with local Chattanooga chefs to get fish on our plates responsibly and deliciously. First up—catfish, rainbow trout, snapper, oysters and lobster.

Alton Brown’s “Gold” Fish
Focus on these fish that are harvested in the USA.

Channel Catfish
Rainbow Trout
Yellowtail Snapper
American Lobster

By Jill Melton, Relish Editor


Trout Meuniere

This simple and delicious trout is topped with a tasty meuniere sauce.

Trout Beurre Blanc

Lightly fried trout topped with a sparkling beurre blanc sauce.

catfish packets

Pesto Catfish Packets

Summer flavors of pesto and tomato in a quick fish from the grill.

baked oysters

Baked Oysters Espy

A rich, caramelized barbecue-type sauce tops these baked oysters.

Scalloped Oysters

Briny oysters are baked with buttery cracker crumbs and a touch of cream.

Maine lobster roll

Maine Lobster Roll

The classic sandwich of the Maine coast.


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