5 Perfect Posole Recipes

Dinner, Regional Food
on October 23, 2012
Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Posole, a stew of meat, hominy and sometimes beans, is a staple of Southwest cuisine. Within that, the variations go on and on. Posole can be stewlike, with meat at the center or it can be brothy like soup. Budget posole includes more beans and hominy and less meat.

Spice it as you like, with more chile or less, more hot pepper or less. Add sage, oregano and cumin, or keep it simple for picky eaters.

Prepared taco sauce shortens prep time while ground toasted ancho chile has authentic flavor.

The common thread in posole is hominy, corn kernels soaked in lye to dissolve the hull and germ, then dried. Hominy holds its shape and firm texture in a stew. Canned hominy is quick, while dried hominy will thicken the stew and has a stronger corn flavor.

We’ve got lots of posole recipes, from quick and simple to long-cooked and satisfying. Lots of reasons to get in harmony with hominy.

—By Nicki Pendleton Wood