Cherry Tomato Recipes That Can’t Be Missed

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June 18, 2013

Cherry tomatoes burst on to the scene this summer in this collection of vibrant recipes.

Farmers' Market Tomato

Sporting names like Super Sweet 100 and Sun Sugar, cherry tomatoes may be the sweetest part of summer. Unlike their full-size brethren, bursting with juice, cherry tomatoes, are sweet, sturdy and resilient, keeping their shape in salads, pasta and casseroles. They sauté and grill up beautifully and add a pop of color to everything. 

Here is a collection of our favorite cherry and grape tomato recipes for the season. We promise they won’t disappoint.


Warm Skillet Salad with Chicken Sausage

Savory chicken sausage and your favorite greens are combined in this warm salad.


Chicken Thighs with Cherry Tomatoes

Juicy chicken thighs are sauteed with cherry tomatoes in this easy once-dish meal.


Scrambled Eggs and Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes

Creamy eggs get a generous helping of summer flavor. A dash of cream makes them super velvety.


Skewered Lemon-Rosemary Cherry Tomatoes

These summertime skewers are wonderful with whatever small ripe tomatoes you can harvest from your garden or gather from the grocers.

Hot Brown Ravioli

Hot Brown Ravioli

True in spirit to the original, Hot Brown Ravioli is a gloriously cheesy bowl of goodness.

Salmon Panzanella

Salmon Panzanella Salad

Beautiful and healthful, this bread salad salad makes an ideal one-dish dinner.

Wheatberries with Pesto

Wheat Berries with Pesto

A chewy, refreshing salad that's super using jarred pesto.

Tomato Party Salad

Bright Tomato Party Salad

All types of tomatoes converge in this beautiful and bright summer salad.


Glazed Shrimp with Quinoa and Curried Tomatoes

Daniel Lindley of St. John’s Restaurant in Chattanooga, Tenn., uses fresh cherry tomatoes seasoned with curry as a contrast to the hot sweet shrimp and toasted quinoa.


Summer White Bean Salad

Cooked dried white beans are a great base for a summer salad of tomatoes and bell peppers.


Summer Wheatberry Salad

Nutty, chewy, earthy wheatberries (farro) make a terrific base for a summer grain salad, this one featuring three farmstand favorites.


Chopped Greek Steak Salad with Yogurt-Lemon Dressing

Reminiscent of Cobb, this salad is composed of chopped vegetables grouped on a bed of Romaine. Extra dressing makes terrific dip.


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